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Does WeBSEFF require a lot of documentation?

For a WeBSEFF loan you will need to provide the usual documentation required by banks for such an investment including business plan and relevant permits in compliance with local/EU legislation. However the WEBSEFF team can help you complete these.

What are the WeBSEFF loan conditions?

Terms and Conditions are set by each Partner Bank in keeping with their Credit Policies and Lending Criteria. From the EBRD's point of view, to be eligible a project must meet the following technical criteria

  • Energy efficiency projects must result in a 20% reduction either of energy consumption or CO2 emissions
  • Investments in buildings must reduce the energy consumption of the building by at least 30 %
  • Renewable projects must have a simple pay-back period below 15 years at the time of the approval
  • All equipment purchased must comply with CE or national certification requirements
  • Projects must be financially viable
  • Each project may only benefit from one European Commission incentive payment
  • All projects must meet local environmental, health and safety requirements and receive required permits

Can WeBSEFF finance investments in a new building?

No. WeBSEFF it is assumed that all new buildings have to already comply with national legislation governing energy performance requirements. WeBSEFF exists above all to encourage and facilitate investments in old buildings and processes, to bring them up to modern standards.

Are the services of the WeBSEFF team free?

Yes, the services of the consultant to help the bank assess an application and support a client are paid for by the EU. However, the consultant can only act on behalf of a prospective client at the request of the local bank. For more substantial efforts the approval of the EBRD is also required.

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