Technical eligibility criteria

The technical eligibility of projects will be assessed by the WeBSEFF II expert team based on the following criteria:

Technical Eligibility Criteria for Energy Efficiency investments in commercial, administrative or privately owned multifamily residential buildings (subject to the energy certification and minimum energy performance requirements of the Directive on Energy Performane of Buildings

  • Energy savings equal or greater than 30%. Should the existing national minimum requirements be beyond that, the national minimum requirements will apply
  • If required by the Directive on Energy Performance of Buildings shall include an Energy Performance Certificate ("EPC") which will be prepared by the Project Consultant free of charge

Technical Eligibility Criteria for Energy Efficiency investments in business operations

  • Energy savings equal or greater than 20% or a reduction of CO2 emissions equal or greater than 20%
  • Minimum Internal Rate of Return (IRR) 10% - calculated only from the financial value of the potential energy savings
  • Capacity expansion of existing production facilities is eligible if existing equipment is replaced with that of higher capacity only if the capacity expansion is less than double the current capacity and if the energy consumption per unit of output is reduced as compared to a baseline as a result of such replacement.

Technical Eligibility Criteria for Renewable Energy Investments

  • Maximum installed capacity for
    • SHPPs: 10MW, subject to positive Environmental Eligibility Test (EET) (see Appendix 7)
    • Wind turbines: 10 MW, subject to positive Environmental Eligibility Test (EET) (see Appendix 8)
    • Solar photovoltaic installations: 0.5 MW (not eligible for incentive payments)
    • All other technologies: 50MW
  • Must be financially viable.
  • Simple payback period below 15 years

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