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EU support

The EU supports WeBSEFF by providing grant aid worth EUR 11.1 million. The grant is used forinvestment incentives to borrowers which have successfully completed their WeBSEFF investments. It furthermore funds a team of expert to to help local banks and their clients in identifying and optimizing viable projects.

WeBSEFF is part of the Regional Energy Efficiency Programme for the Western Balkans (REEPWB) which is supported by a €20 million grant from the Western Balkans Investment Framework (WBIF), a joint initiative between the European Union and other international partners. REEPWB uses a combination of financing instruments, technical assistance and policy support to create a sustainable market for energy efficiency in the region.

REEPWB comprises:

  • Policy dialogue and regulatory support

A total of €6 million for technical assistance has been set aside to facilitate intensive policy dialogue with the authorities in the region. The work aims to set up the regulatory frameworks and overcome market barriers that will catalyse investment in energy efficiency and allow energy service company (ESCO) markets to emerge.

  • Financing instruments

The two financing facilities WeBSEFF and WeBSEDFF (Western Balkans Sustainable Energy Direct Financing Facilitiy). While WeBSEFF provides financing intermediated through local banks, WeBSEDFF is designed to facilitate direct investments in medium-scale renewable energy and energy efficiency improvements in industrial enterprises.
Both WeBSEFF and WeBSEFF are supported by EU grants for Technical Assistance and investment incentives for successful project completion.

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